“A process that will still the mind healing past traumas and beliefs leaving you with the tools and skills to live a more fulfilling life in mind body and spirit.”

The Hummingbird Process

By Jenny Rayner

  • Lifts Depression and heals past traumas
  • Empowering those who suffer from self-harming, anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.
  • Stills the mind and cuts out the mind chatter that can lead to destructive thoughts.

About The Book

Helps you get in touch with your inner self.

Tap into your true potential and discover and nurture undiscovered talents and explore and develop new ones.

Enables you to truly understand yourself using visualisation and self enquiry.

Enjoy a greater understanding of who you are and why you do the things you do by recording memories and stories about your life in your journal.

Gives you all the tools and skills to live a happier life.

The beauty of The Hummingbird Process is it can be revisited anytime you feel disconnected and you can choose what visualisation to use depending on your feelings at that time.

The process takes the form of a virtual house that has many floors.

Each room represent an aspect of yourself and after working through the rooms on each floor an opportunity to break the pattern can be taken.

Meet The Author

Jenny’s journey has been an eclectic mix of spiritual studies spanning over thirty years which has brought her to writing The Hummingbird Process.

Jenny is a sensitive and empath and from a very young age was always seeking to understand why she was here. As she grew up this questioning lead Jenny on a personal quest to understand her true self. Jenny studied and immersed herself in many faiths from Catholicism to Buddhism but none really satisfied her spiritual thirst or gave her a sense of belonging, which was when she understood the answers lay within her.

Embarking on a new quest to understand herself Jenny studied mediumship to develop her natural intuition and psychic abilities. She also studied for three years to become a Shamanic Practitioner and although the experience was both rigorous and challenging she found her authentic self. Jenny also practices various healing modalities and is a Reiki Healer, Spiritual Counsellor, Access Consciousness Bars Therapist and Meditation Facilitator.

Following the death of her daughter in 2012 Jenny now runs a charity called The Lucy Rayner Foundation. The charity raises awareness of depression and other related mental health issues in young adults. Finding ways to mentally equip young people with the right tools and techniques has become her passion so that they can contribute and thrive in society. Jenny’s wish is to share her expertise with others and help them to reach their full potential and discover who they truly are.


“The Hummingbird Process is an accessible resource to address unhealthy mental patterns and provide a tool for change. The process reminds me to be present and aware of the feelings about people, things and events whilst I go about my daily life. I thank Jenny for having written it and wish that The Hummingbird Process will lead to healthy changes and inspiration for all readers.”

~ Justin Chan

Actuary, Complementary Therapist


About The Audio

Nine audio tracks with over 8 hours worth of audio.

Do everything from the comfort of your own phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

The revolutionary technology of isochronic tones is used within each recording.

Helping you to enhance your experience more and prepare your mind for accessing the deeper levels of your subconscious.

Guiding you to an alpha brainwave state.

An alpha state improves focus and concentration, relieves stress, increases energy levels, improves sleep and boosts the immune system.

Increase your connection between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Experience a clearer perception and greater connection with your true self as when you are connected with your true self it becomes easier for you to access those parts that are not your true self.

Powerful breathing technique.

Be guided through this deeply relaxing and life enhancing technique to prepare you for accessing your inner psyche on a much deeper level during the process.

Meet The Voice

Jean is a natural empath and creative and for over 25 years has been involved in various healing modalities. Jean is trained in a number of holistic therapies including Reiki healing, Crystal healing, Reflexology and Indian Head massage and she is also an Artist.

Art for Jean is where the outer world stops and the inner world begins. Jean turned her love of art into a career as an Artist, selling hundreds of paintings to private and corporate clients worldwide.

Creative writing has been a constant joy in Jean’s life and in 2008 Jean received a strong intuition to create and record meditations to uplift and calm people. Jean created her YouTube channel called Wellness Experiment to share her meditations with the world. Jean receives downloads when she creates a meditation and to date her meditations have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. Jenny came into Jean’s life in 2016 and they instantly felt a spiritual connection with each other and as a result Jean became the voice of The Hummingbird Process.


“Your voice has that marvellously restful, mesmeric quality to it that I can’t explain, since I can only wonder at it. I can’t imagine, now, a more perfect voice. Perhaps it’s because you radiate the qualities you speak of, and you do so with real generosity of spirit. Your voice is gentle yet it is also a powerful tool, one that most people I think will not have ever felt the power of before, from anyone. I truly feel this is something wonderful you have to offer the world – a rare and important gift of you “in tune” with something very strong and revivifying.”

Dr Allan Hunter
Author and Professor of English and Honors
Curry College, Massachusetts, USA


The Hummingbird Process

The Hummingbird Process


Paperback And Audio Process

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The Hummingbird Process


eBook And Audio Version.

Includes Audio Version Download link to your Mp3 files.


The Hummingbird Process


The Hummingbird Journal

Write down your thoughts and feelings after each session


The Hummingbird Process

Audio Process

The Hummingbird Process

Audio Version Only